The Other Woman

She has travelled far and wide

An explorer of different worlds, different cultures.

She has witnessed the happiness of the sunrise across oceans,

The sadness of sunsets that led to darkness.


She has a bravery that others do not quite understand,

They are scared of it, unsure of her.

She leaves a presence,

That cannot be questioned.


Her eyes are dark with depth,

Wisdom far beyond her years.

Her hair wild and velvet dark.

Lips forever hold a glimmer of hope.

Skin like leather,

Resilient against the looks of others.


But she is strong and that is her beauty.


She will forever be the other to the different that she sees.

Further she travels, the more she truly sees herself,

Through the lenses of others.


Brave though she is,

She holds a deep yearning of the life she left behind.

Her coordinates reflect the lands and seas explored

And the distance

From home, from love.


She is the world

She is nameless

She is other

She is refugee.

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